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DFW Based Blog about Parenting, Sobriety, Recipes, and Daily Comedic Life

My Big, Fat, Redneck Anniversary!

My Big, Fat, Redneck Anniversary!

I’ve always been one that expected something fancy and over the top for celebrations.  Yes, I’m calling myself out and it’s not something I’m proud of.  I’m not saying it needs to be expensive, but I’m not saying it doesn’t. Just something romantic and thought out.  You know…unrealistic expectations.  I have learned this is not a good quality and am working on changing it.  Now that I got that out of the way, I have to brag about the amazing, no frills anniversary weekend I just had with my husband.  Yes, you heard that right…no frills and amazing in the same sentence.

Yesterday, Doug and I celebrated 6 years of being married.  We actually met 24 years ago, but have only been “together” about 9 years. That being said, we talked about staying at a fancy hotel and laying by the pool and eating a nice steak dinner to celebrate our anniversary, as our kids were spending the night at the grandparent’s house.  After looking at overpriced hotel rooms only 20 minutes from our home, we decided to spend the night at our ranch instead.  Mind you, he did take me out for a nice steak dinner last weekend (I’ve still got a little city girl in me).

What we were mainly looking for, was just alone time together and relaxation.  My old version of this used to be cramming as much in to one 24 hour period as possible.  My lovely husband has taught me over the last few years that this does not lead to much relaxation.  So…what did we do?

We never once turned on the radio or tv.  We talked and laughed together. We took a back roads drive through small towns and explored some antique shops.  We found some odd things we enjoyed looking at, but left for someone else to take home. We stopped in Ben Wheeler, which is a small town that has precisely 5 stores and 2 restaurants in it. We ate lunch at an amazing “bistro” called The Forge: https://theforgebenwheeler.com/.  Ok, ya’ll…it was way more like a dive bar but they served organic, grass fed, local beef and even had vegan options on the menu.  Don’t even get me started about the guitar player who set up his equipment for the entire 45 minutes we were there. And no joke….that included cutting his nails (ummm….did he not know he was about to go play guitar somewhere?!?!)  Still don’t know what he sounds like.

When we got to the ranch we found that some sand had gotten in to the well lines and we had plumbing issues.  That totally would have ruined my weekend a few years ago (a hotel wouldn’t have this issue).  However, I took the opportunity to lay on the couch and enjoy the peace and quiet of no children while my handy hubby fixed everything.

One of the highlights of the weekend: Driving my husband’s new ranch toy!  Yes, that picture is actually of me driving and controlling the lift arms of the skidsteer.  This was FUN and something I never would have thought I’d do.  Something about picking up lumber and dumping it from way high is SO incredibly gratifying.  I might not be so city after all.

We ended the night having dinner by the lake and sitting by a bonfire. My sweet husband even snuck our champagne glasses from our wedding to the ranch and brought some sparkling cider to celebrate with.  He gave me my anniversary card which was a letter he wrote.  I would love to publish it here as it’s the funniest and sweetest thing I’ve ever read, but some things don’t need to be blogged about.  We slept in (well as much as our natural body clocks would let us) and drank coffee while watching the sun over the trees.

No room service, no spa treatments, no turn down with mints.  Sometimes less is better! Just my husband and me!!!  Did I mention how blessed I am to call him mine!?!?

**Yeah… I just re-read this and realized how sappy it is, but hey…I really am blessed (and apparently still a mess).

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