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DFW Based Blog about Parenting, Sobriety, Recipes, and Daily Comedic Life

24 Hours Without My Phone!?!?

24 Hours Without My Phone!?!?

Wait…What?  An entire 24 hours without a phone? So what happened?  Did my phone break?  Did my service not work?  No, this was by choice!  When I was on my spiritual retreat last Friday, I felt like God was telling me that I need to disconnect more.  I really felt God telling me to not have my phone while I was with my family at our Ranch last weekend. By the grace of God, I’ve been sober from alcohol and pills for almost 4 years.  But I found a new addiction. For real, ya’ll.  My cell phone.  It is pretty much attached to my hand or within hand’s reach ALL THE TIME.  If it’s not, I have serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  I know, that’s like a thing for teenagers, but for me it is real.  Don’t know when it started, but it’s kind of a problem.  It makes me more irritable, more snappy to my kids (if I’m in the middle of a “very important” email, like what’s new in fall decor), takes time away from my husband, and just a general disconnect.  Which is weird, because it does connect me to the world in some ways, but not in my immediate circle.  So what happened when I didn’t have my security blanket for an entire 24 hours?

Y’all, the World kept going. No, for real. Life continued. Other people got on Facebook and Instagram and checked their emails, but I experienced the world a little bit differently.


  1. Instagram and Facebook Moments Happen, Even If You Don’t Have Your Phone to Capture It. I have zero photos from this weekend on my phone. I’ve been so concerned with capturing moments to blog about and keep for scrapbooks, that I haven’t been “in” the moment always.  I saw beautiful things in nature and moments shared between my boys and my husband.  Sure, when I photograph them I see the beauty in it, but there’s something about not viewing it through a camera that makes it extra special. So, I may not have them to print out for later viewing, but I have them as snapshots in my head and that’s a pretty special place to keep them.  I share a lot of my life through my blog, but I’m beginning to understand that not every moment has to be shared with others.

  2. I Check My Phone WAY Too Often. Not having it right by me, made me realize how much I ended up trying to look at it. Whether it was just wanting to take a quick glance or look at it for longer. I wanted to check the time. I wanted to google stuff. I wanted to check the weather.  I wanted to check for texts and calls.  I wanted to check my email.  What was I missing on social media?  Like, for real. My phone has been more attached to me than I ever thought it was.  It’s not a good thing.

  3. I Spent A Lot More Time With God. All the boys went on a ride on Sunday morning and I was back at the house by myself. Normally, this would mean that I have time alone on my cell phone without being interrupted and can peruse other people’s Facebook and Insta posts and check my email. But instead, I spent a good 10 minutes of meditation time with God. Then I opened up my Bible and read out loud lots of verses. Normally, I love having veg time on my phone, but then I feel like I should have been more productive and that I had just had time sucked away from me.  But spending time with God instead, left me feeling rejuvenated and at peace to start the week.

  4. I Didn’t Have to Worry About My Phone Getting Wet. One of the best times this weekend was riding our 4-wheelers. I was on one, my husband and youngest son were on another, and our friend, his son, and my oldest were on the third one.  We ended up getting caught in some rain showers. It was truly magnificent just letting the water hit me and not having a care in the world about getting wet! I didn’t immediately panic abut my cell phone getting wet.  And when I decided to take off at top speed, I didn’t have to worry about my phone falling.  I got to just enjoy a messy ride!

  5. I Get WAY Too Much Junk Email. When I finally checked my email on Sunday afternoon, I had over 220 emails.  Oh, Jenn…you’re so popular.  Not so much.  Yes, I am, if you count people trying to sell me stuff or enter contests or on and on.  I had more than 100 emails that I went through and unsubscribed from their mailing lists. Basically I did a fall closet change for my emails.  It felt very therapeutic and cathartic.  I highly recommend it!

  6. I Didn’t Miss Much. Before I left my phone in the car, I put an auto reply on my text messages just in case somebody texted and expected a call or message back immediately. That’s another thing with having your cell phone permanently attached to you.  People expect a pretty fast response always.  I’ve actually had people worry when I don’t get back to them quickly. But in all reality I missed 5 text messages, 1 Facebook message, some Facebook comments, some Instagram comments, and tons of emails. BUT absolutely NOTHING that could not wait until a later point in time.

  7. My Family Is Pretty Awesome! Of course, I knew this already, but because I wasn’t looking down at my phone, I SAW my family a lot more this weekend.  I saw the sweet things my boys do for each other (and the not so sweet moments).  I had a great conversation with my uncle-in-law because I wasn’t preoccupied with what was going on in the rest of the world.  I watched my oldest ride his 4 wheeler for the first time and have a blast!  I got to connect more with those around me, because I was mobile disconnected.


So did I have FOMO anxiety? You betcha. What was I missing in the world when I was disconnected? Apparently, not much.  As I stated earlier, the world kept turning without me checking on it.  And…I got over it.  Took a little while, because I have been so attached to my cell phone, but once I embraced this change, it was pretty awesome!

My take away from all of this, is to set my freaking phone down more often. Not necessarily taking a 24 hour hiatus each week, but definitely disconnecting more than I have in the past. So that’s what I plan to do. My phone will not be the second thing I do every morning after I pray.  It will not be right next to me when I’m playing with my boys. I will not sit on the couch each night with my husband right next to me and be on my phone the whole time.  I will not check my email or social media accounts constantly. I will embrace the present going on in front of me that is begging for ME to be present in it!

What would your life be like if you were on your phone less?

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